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This year's international trip will take us from Friday 28 September till Monday 1 October to the Istria region of Croatia – to the town of Rabac on the eastern side of the peninsula, facing the infamous island of Cres (CACE trip 2014).
Here we will participate in the Valamar Trail – 'Where the hills meet the sea'.

The Valamar Trail takes place on Saturday 29 September. Here is the link to the website, which is both in Croatian and in English.
And here is the link to the race video:


12-02-2018 : The Loop Den Haag 2018

On Sunday 11/03 at 14:30 will take place the Loop Den Haag in… The Hague (NL)

The Loop Den Haag is a Half Marathon taking place in the seat of the government of the Netherlands, the city where the Representation of the Commission in the NL is located and the capital city of the province of South Holland.

It is a flat and fast Half Marathon ideal for those runners who want to attack their PB. Other distances are also available.
The Hague is around 180 Km from Brussels. We invite those who are interested on going there to use our Facebook group or other means (park, pub…) for travel arrangements with other members.

Hurry up! The inscriptions will close soon (possibility to choose start pen closes on Sunday 11/02)!

More information:


11-09-2017 : UTMB 2017 Video


11-09-2017 : UTMB 2017
 Incroyable exploit de pour Christhophe Rabin et Yves Van-Poekepour pour leur première participation à l'UTMB ( utra trail du mont blanc) cette course hors norme de 170Km et + de 10.000 m de dénivelé positif. Christophe a fini la course en 44:31:06 ce qui constitue une véritable performance contenu des conditions particulièrement difficiles cette année. Yves a dû arrêter à seulement 25Km de l'arrivée, suite à une terrible chute il a été résigné à l'abandon, il aura cependant signé là une des plus belles courses de sa carrière. Merci à tous les deux de nous faire rêver.


14-08-2017 : Johan's first 100K

On last Sunday 14 August , Johan has finished his first 100K trail race . The "Trail des fantômes" is a tough race   with more than 3000 M of positive elevation , who's taking  place at "La roche en Ardenne".

He covered the distance in 14H47 and finished 22th overall and 2th on the M50 category. Congrats to him for this amazing heroic act.

 Read the full article

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La dolce vita can be tough!

CACE's 2016 annual international trip to Valle Maira (Italy)

Have fun with your favourite sports club, eat (and drink) incredibly well and run in the spectacular setting of the Piedmont Alps in early autumn - that was in a nutshell the package that was chosen on a grey and cold evening in January for CACE's 13th annual trip.

So 28 of us turned up at Charleroi airport on 9 September, trail-running shoes in their bags. For some this would be the first CACE trip abroad, but others had already participated in a dozen or so, and  Bert has actually not missed a single one since the Connemarathon in 2004! Flying into Turin we got a first glimpse at Alpine lakes and summits. Although it had looked so close from the plane, the bus ride from Turin to our hotel in Marmora took almost three hours on increasingly narrow roads. So we were glad for the opportunity to stretch our legs while walking down to the "trail village" the race organisers were busy setting up.



We were signed up for the Valle Maira Skymarathon! True to the organiser's motto 'un trail per tutti', three distances were on offer: a 9k with a climb (or D+) of 280 meters, a 29k (D+ 2100) and a full-blown 46k (D+ 2500). But first, we settled for a wonderful 3-course dinner at the hotel and went to bed reasonably early. Remember: It's the sleep in the second night before race day that counts most!

Day two was devoted to acclimatisation and discovering Piedmont with all senses. After an easy morning jog, the bus took us to Cuneo where we strolled through the old town on the wedge-like plateau that gave the city its name. Angelo guided us to the city's architectural monuments and cultural attractions. But in particular he led us to discover the national (pizza, pasta, café and ice cream) and regional (Cuneesi, meringhe) culinary highlights! Then back to Marmora, 'carbo-loading' with delicious risotto and pasta and early to bed.



On race day we were greeted by a cloudless sky and a spectacular view on the mountains we were about to climb. The 46k runners set off at 7h, while the runners for the shorter distances were flocking to breakfast. Though with a total of 300 registered participants the race was small, it was very well organised by a hundred or so volunteers enlisted by the local running club. A long, indeed very long, ascent brought us 29k runners from the valley (1200m) to Colle Margherina at 2400m. At the food and drink station we met some of the 46k runners who by then had already completed two thirds of their race.  A few hundred meters more with a gorgeous view over rocks, prairies and valleys brought us to the peak at 2540m.

The ensuing descent, common to both the 46k and 29k distances, started off with a very steep mountain path. Here it was more difficult to enjoy the surroundings as we had our eyes fixed on the ground before us. Nonetheless, most of us "flat-country" runners struggled to keep up with mountain-dwellers who did not seem to be bothered much by the technical difficulty of the downhill run, nor indeed the ensuing strain on thighs and knees. Further down, we moved onto the track of the 9k distance. A final, short but nasty ascent was the last difficulty before a smoother downhill bit towards the finish line.  



CACE was not only the largest participating club in the race (by far), but with Roisin also had a member on the podium for the 46k women with an excellent 6h15! The fastest CACE woman on the 29k was Martina in 4h18. Luis was the fastest CACE man in the 46k in 5h13 and Angelo in the 29k in 3h35 (including some 'orienteering' after having lost his way).

Tired but happy we enjoyed the afternoon which slowly blended into the after-race celebration - of course featuring another copious dinner!


All photos from Tom :

29-09-2016 : Annual international trip to Valle Maira (Italy)
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Practical details

  Entrainements Parc du Cinquantenaire

  • Lu-ma-je-ve, 12h15 à 14h00 :
    une boucle de 2.340m ou de 3.300m
  • Les mercredis à 12h30, à la Mosquèe :
    Intervals de 800, 1.000 et 1.100 mètres

  Entrainements Beaulieu

  • Tuesday, Cool jogging :
    Running for all levels in the Forêt de Soignes.Meet in front of BU31 and leave at NOON! (12:00). Return around 13:30
  • Wednesday 2 Groups, Depart from the front of BU5 at 12.30 :
    Work session
    This will vary from week to week and is intended for runners of different levels who want to improve. It will include hill sessions, fartlek, accelerations and any other bright ideas you might come up with.
    Duration: Approx 1 hour
    Start to Run
    This is for people who want to start running and for beginners.
  • Thursday , Cool jogging :
    Running for all levels in the Forêt de Soignes.
    Meet in front of BU31 and leave at NOON! (12:00). Return around 13:30

Showers are available at the Sport Centre (card of 10 for 8 euros

If you would like to know more about CACE or join us for a training run in Beaulieu please contact:
Thierry Menager (tel. 295.54.25: );
Stefan Appel (tel: 295.45.96) (

  Entrainements EVERE

  • Tous les jours sauf le mercredi :
    A partir de 12H30, dans le parc d'Evere et les champs environnants, des tours de 3,5,10 et 13 Km au choix. Parcours variés et difficultés diverses en fonctions des envies de chacun.
  • Mercredi nous allons au Cinquantenaire pour faire les intervales: :

Douches disponibles au G-6 et G-12

Pour plus de renseignements contactez :




La cotisation annuelle est de 40€ à verser au 1er Janvier sur le compte:
BE64 310 0240041 52 .


  • 5 Cross Communautaires (Nov-Mars)
  • CACE challenge, 12 courses par an
  • Relais givrés (Janvier)
  • 20k de Bruxelles (fin mai)
  • Ekiden de Bruxelles (Octobre)
  • Voyage international annuel


Rudy MATHIJS,  BRE2 9/470: Phone 63957
Marc DE VOCHT,  J99 3/38:Phone 59184
CACE Member :
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