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21-05-2019 : Running For Europe Pictures

A nice clip at the 20 km Brussels !
Thanks to all the participants !!Hw49uG

Very nice pictures :

Thanks to our colleagues from EBS Commission and from the EP audio-visual service.


15-04-2019 : CACE calendar 2019

The new CACE race calendar 2019 is here



20-02-2019 : AGM minutes
The minutes of our AGM are available here   !


01-10-2018 : We are stuck

The CACE team is stuck at the Pula airport in Croatia, on the fligth back to Brussels, after an amazing trip and the epic Valamar trail...

Read the full story  

 Stuck in Pula


29-05-2018 : Running for Europe 2018

The interinstitutional team 'Running for Europe' ran in support of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, with 1,151 staff registered as runners. The fastest among them in the women's category was An Renckens (DG COMP), who finished 16th in 1:25:54, while in the men's category, the honour went to Guillermo Hernandez (DG CONNECT), who finished 60th in 1:13:40.

All the results : click here

The inter DG challenge : click here

All the photos :

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40,000 runners, 137 different nationalities: that was the 40th Brussels 20k on Sunday. Among them, some 1,300 colleagues; sporting vests with the slogan ‘this time I’m voting’, they ran to encourage voting at the European Elections.

 Taking place just a week before the elections, it was a very European race, with one of the six starts being given by Commission Vice-President Maroš Šefcovic, together with European Parliament Communication Director-General Jaume Duch Guillot, and EESC Vice-President Isabel Caño Aguilar. King Philippe of Belgium gave the two first starts of the race.

Belgian runner Valentin Poncelet was the overall winner with a time of 1:00:34. The fastest woman was Alexandra Tondeur, also from Belgium - she ran the distance in 1:13:04.

Greta Borg (EASME), in the women's category and Joshua Salsby (CAB BULC), in the men's category, were the fastest runners from the EU institutions' team 'Running for Europe', with times of 1:26:02 and 1:10:19 respectively.

As well as promoting the elections, the team ran to raise money for projects that support access to sport for children living in poverty in Belgium.

 All results here   and the interDG challenge here

21-05-2019 : Running for Europe 2019 results
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Practical details

  Entrainements Parc du Cinquantenaire

  • Lu-ma-je-ve, 12h15 à 14h00 :
    une boucle de 2.340m ou de 3.300m
  • Les mercredis à 12h30, à la Mosquèe :
    Intervals de 800, 1.000 et 1.100 mètres

  Entrainements Beaulieu

  • Tuesday, Cool jogging :
    Running for all levels in the Forêt de Soignes.Meet in front of BU31 and leave at NOON! (12:00). Return around 13:30
  • Wednesday 2 Groups, Depart from the front of BU5 at 12.30 :
    Work session
    This will vary from week to week and is intended for runners of different levels who want to improve. It will include hill sessions, fartlek, accelerations and any other bright ideas you might come up with.
    Duration: Approx 1 hour
    Start to Run
    This is for people who want to start running and for beginners.
  • Thursday , Cool jogging :
    Running for all levels in the Forêt de Soignes.
    Meet in front of BU31 and leave at NOON! (12:00). Return around 13:30

Showers are available at the Sport Centre (card of 10 for 8 euros

If you would like to know more about CACE or join us for a training run in Beaulieu please contact:
Thierry Menager (tel. 295.54.25: );
Stefan Appel (tel: 295.45.96) (

  Entrainements EVERE

  • Tous les jours sauf le mercredi :
    A partir de 12H30, dans le parc d'Evere et les champs environnants, des tours de 3,5,10 et 13 Km au choix. Parcours variés et difficultés diverses en fonctions des envies de chacun.
  • Mercredi nous allons au Cinquantenaire pour faire les intervales: :

Douches disponibles au G-6 et G-12

Pour plus de renseignements contactez :




La cotisation annuelle est de 40€ à verser au 1er Janvier sur le compte:
BE64 310 0240041 52 .


  • 5 Cross Communautaires (Nov-Mars)
  • CACE challenge, 12 courses par an
  • Relais givrés (Janvier)
  • 20k de Bruxelles (fin mai)
  • Ekiden de Bruxelles (Octobre)
  • Voyage international annuel


Rudy MATHIJS,  BRE2 9/470: Phone 63957
Marc DE VOCHT,  J99 3/38:Phone 59184
CACE Member :
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