Relais Givres-Classic relay run starting up the seasonNeder-over-Heembeekhttp://www.relaisgivres.b 1220-0113:00
Hivernales – RCB-Sur un parcours de 10 ou 20 km, parfois enneigé, parfois verglacé, mais toujours vallonné, dans le magnifique décor de la Forêt de SoignesInternational School of Brussels - Avenue de la Foresterie, 1170 Watermael-Boitsforthttp://www.hivernales.rcb 2004-0210:00
Loop den Haag-Beautiful half-marathon through the streets and along the coast of den HaagDen Haaghttp://www.nncpcloopdenha 2111-0314:30
10 miles AntwerpAP Running TourRace through the streets of Antwerp. Takes place at the same day as the marathon (only different timing). Antwerp 1622-0414:30
10 km ULB2018 "Run in Brussels" challengeStarts from the campus site of ULB Solbosch to cross into the bois de la Cambre and Forêt de SoignesULB 1022-0410:30
20km Bruxelles 2018-20 km through the streets of BruselsBrussels – Cinquantenairehttp://www.20kmdebruxelle 2027-0510:00
10 km de Koekelberg2018 "Run in Brussels" challenge-Koekelbergh-1003-0614:00
Les sentiers du Laerbeek Nouveau2018 "Run in Brussels" challengeRace organised by Club Joggans around Bois du Laerbeek Ganshoren 1017-0610:00
12 km d'Anderlecht2018 "Run in Brussels" challenge12km à travers les espaces verts de la commune en traversant le stade du Sporting d’Anderlecht.Brussels - Anderlechthttp://www.zatopekmagazin 1222-0600:00
Jogging du marché annuel de Jette2018 "Run in Brussels" challenge -Jette-826-0800:00
Eccotrail Brussels 2018 "Run in Brussels" challenge This is the chance to go for "all in" and go beyond what you thought was possible. Other distances are 10K, 42K and 80K. Also possible to sign up teams to do Run/Bike. Check website for exact timing and start location as it varies per race Brussels-Hippodrome (Uccle) http://www.ecotrailbrusse 2108-0900:00
International CACE trip For the 2018 international trip we propose to you a trip to Croatia. Croatia http://www.trailrunningcr 3129-0900:00
Acerta Brussels EkidenDVV Running TourInspiring team event where runners "do the Maths" 5 km + 10 km + 5 km +10 km + 5 km + 7,195 km = Marathon 42km 14-OctBrussels 4229-0900:00
Maxou course 2018 "Run in Brussels" challenge Course nature en forêt de Soignes de 12 km Brussels 1221-1000:00
Brussels Marathon and Half Marathon-The Brussels Marathon & Half Marathon is the opportunity for runners to "take" the streets of Brussels on the official 42K and 21K distances.Brusels 2128-1000:00
Jogging de la Paix 2018 "Run in Brussels" challenge 4 ou 8 ou 12 km, et pour les enfants 500 m ou 1 km.Berchem-Sainte-Agathe 1311-1100:00
Foulées des Flosses2018 "Run in Brussels" challenge A moderately hilly run through the “Forêt de Soignes” Brussels 1525-1110:30
Foulées Hivernales2018 "Run in Brussels" challenge Classic race through the Forêt de Soignes: Distances : 5 and 10 Km Brussels 1502-1211:00
Manneken-Pis Corrida2018 "Run in Brussels" challengeThe last oneBrussels -426-1200:00